Effective May 1, 2018, Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op has purchased Aurora Gas Co. (“AGC”).  All Aurora Gas customers will now receive natural gas service from PIE&G. For more information, please call PIE&G at 1-800-423-6634 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or visit PIE&G at 19831 M-68 Hwy. (east of Onaway). You may also go to www.pieg.com for more information. Here’s what you need to know:

1) Natural Gas Emergencies:  During business hours, call the PIE&G Gas Emergency line at 989-733-8565 (Mon - Fri 8 am - 4:30 pm);       After Hours call 911.

2) Meter readings - PIE&G will continue to read your AGC meter each month before billing.

3) Billing: You will receive your final Aurora Gas bill by mail soon which will include your new PIE&G gas account number on a sticker affixed to the bill. This bill will be due by 5/21/18.  All charges are payable to “PIE&G”.  Please make a note of your new PIE&G gas account number for future reference. In June, PIE&G expects to mail your first PIE&G gas bill. Look for it to be enclosed in the same envelope as your electric bill (for those already receiving PIE&G electric service).

4) One time Payments:  All checks and money orders should be payable to PIE&G.  You may pay your bill:

At PIE&G’s office (inside) with cash, checks or credit card; at PIE&G’s Drop Box (outside) by check or money order only - do NOT put cash in Drop Box,
Online at pieg.com using SmartHub or download PIE&G’s free SmartHub app to your Android mobile device on Google Play or at the App Store for iOS devices,
By calling PIE&G’s free Pay-by-Phone service at 1-866-999-4571 (available 24/7), or
At Pay Stations* (Awakon Credit Union branches - Onaway, Indian River, Wolverine).

*NOTE:  Pay stations are temporarily unavailable for Aurora gas accounts during the transition.  Please check back with PIE&G in June for updates.

5) Automatic Payments: [Recurring monthly bank or credit card Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)]
For your security, your financial information was not shared with or transferred to PIE&G. Any prior agreements you had with Aurora Gas for Auto Payments by EFT from your bank, credit union or credit card issuer are no longer in effect. 

•Auto Pay Bank Draft - The PIE&G Automatic Payment Enrollment Form must be signed and returned to PIE&G to authorize your bank or credit union for automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account.  Call 989-733-8515 to request the form or go to pieg.com to download and print the form; select the Natural Gas tab, drop down and click on “Payment Options”.

•Auto Pay Credit Card - You may set up recurring monthly credit card payments by self-enrollment on PIE&G’s SmartHub or by signing and returning the PIE&G Automatic Payment Enrollment Form (referenced above).

Please allow 30-60 days processing time for your financial institution to process your enrollment in PIE&G’s Auto Pay plans.  Due to the processing time, you will need to pay your final Aurora bill by May 21st (and possibly your June bill) using one of the options above (excluding Pay Stations).  Please call PIE&G if you have any questions regarding Auto Pay plans.

6) Budget Payment Plan: For those who were enrolled in Aurora’s budget payment plan, your final bill will reflect your budget reconciliation amount.  Please contact PIE&G for more information on our budget plan which starts in October.

7) Membership and Account Records: Please contact PIE&G to update your account records so that we have your most current contact information in case of emergencies.

8) Natural Gas Rates:  PIE&G is working as quickly as possible within existing franchise authority to transition your rates to the schedule referenced below. Until approved, your existing Aurora gas rate will remain in place.

Residential General Service Industrial
Monthly Available $12 $17 $188
Distribution/ccf $0.4293 $0.2920 $0.2757
GCR/ccf $0.4158 $0.4158 $0.4158
Total ($/ccf) $0.8451 $0.7078 $0.6915

If you have any questions or concerns, please call PIE&G at 1-800-423-6634 to speak with a Member Services Representative.  We look forward to serving you!